One of our biggest tasks is organising people to help out at the fete. This year we have made it easier to help out! Just click and select.

We are seeking volunteers for the following areas (click on the links to check out)

Books BBQ Dim Sims Stall
Roast Rolls Kids Crafts
Ice Cream Sunday Pack up helpers
Pre loved Clothing Plants
Hot Dogs  Home Made Crafts
Friday Set Up Fete Day general helpers
Drinks Stall

Ticket Booths  – we have 3 to choose from

Ticket Booth 1 Ticket Booth 2 Ticket Booth 3

This year we have to provide information on working with Children Information. We have created a form to fill out details. All Information is confidential and will be kept at parish house. Click here to update your details

We need your help with Brochure Deliveries.

Our sponsors spend $$$$ helping us with our fete and we provide sponsor materials and delivery of this around the surrounding areas.  We are looking to start distribution of marketing material early in the school holidays. If you can help out please click the following link to register your interest.